Ford and Motorsport

Ford sports cars are visible all over the world; they are active in all kinds of motorsports, especially in rallying. The famous car manufacturer has been active in rally since the beginning of the sport.

Since then they have clinched many titles, more than 50 World Championship victories and multiple pilot world titles.

But not only the technical aspects matter.

Rally is a great marketing opportunity to promote cars and to build up a good image, attracting a young public.

'Win on Sunday, sell on Monday' is therefore the appropriate baseline.


In 1991 Jean-Marc Valckenaere started his career at Teamfloral.

During those many years of experience, Teamfloral established itself as a successful manufacturer in rally cars and achieved numerous successes in rally sport.

Teamfloral also organizes promotion cups to support young drivers. We started in 1999 with the "KA Cup". The cup has now evolved to the "Ford Fiesta Sporting Trophy".

Discover the story of Teamfloral:

1991: Jean-Marc Valckenaere started at Teamfloral.

1991-1998: Golden times arrived with the Sierra Cosworth 4x4 and the Escort:

- 1996: Winner Belgian Championship with Laurent Verhoestraete

- 1996: Winner Dutch Championship group N with Chiel Bos

- 1997: Winner Belgian International Championship with Laurent Verhoestraete

1999: Teamfloral active in the S1600 with the Puma S1600 cc.

Nicky Grist, at that time co-driver of Colin McRae in the WRC, drove the Puma during

the rally "Omloop van Vlaanderen".

1999: Teamfloral organizes a promotion cup with Ford KA cars: the "KA cup"

2002: The promotion cup changes in "Focus cup" with Ford Focus cars.

2005: Teamfloral develops Fiesta S1600 cars (JWRC)

2005: "Fiesta ST cup", the promotion cup is now driven with Ford Fiesta ST cars.

2009: "Fiesta R2 cup", Ford Fiesta R2 cars are now used in the promotion cup.

2010: Teamfloral wins the Group R Belgian Championship with Cedric De Cecco.

2010: Ford Fiesta S2000 is available for rent

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